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My services

From pediatric ENT to complaints in old age, I offer extensive care in the field of ENT medicine, head and neck surgery. In my practice, I take my time to respond to your needs and place you as a person at the center of my treatment.

Tariff overview

€ 150

€ 180

€ 90-130

depending on complexity

€ 150

Anamnesis, sighting and discussion of previous findings, detailed ENT status, including hearing tests, tympanometry (pressure in the middle ear) and vertigo assessment, if necessary.

Appointments on short notice outside the regular opening hours (via +4313588340 or,  rapid clarification and initiation of therapy for acute symptoms.

Follow-up (also post-operative), discussion of findings (e.g. after imaging or laboratory checks), regular check-ups.

"Mutter-Kind-Pass" examination, hearing screening (incl. newborn screening; OAEs), inspection of the mouth, throat, nasal cavity and ears including evaluation of surgical interventions

I am a "Wahlarzt"

What does that mean for you?

A "Wahlarzt" does not have a contract with the statutory health insurance companies. Patients receive an invoice from me with all billable services and are usually refunded 80% of the health insurance tariff.  If needed, I can gladly support you here.

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